Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday School Syllabus


August 29th Lesson 1:
Avodah- Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

September 12th Lesson 2:
Torah- What is Torah?

September 26th Lesson 3:
Avodah- Sukkot

October 3rd Lesson 4:
Avodah- Simchat Torah

October 10th Lesson 5:
Torah- Adam & Eve

October 24th Lesson 6:
G’milut Chasdim- Being a Jewish Hero

October 31st Lesson 7:
G’milut Chasdim- Being Kind with Derech Eretz

November 7th Lesson 8:
G’milut Chasdim- Do Not Do to Others...

November 14th Lesson 9:
Avodah- What is a Blessing?

November 21st Lesson 10:
Avodah- Havdalah

December 5th Lesson 11:
Avodah- Chanukah

December 12th Lesson 12:
G’milut Chasdim- Repentance


January 9th Lesson 13:
Torah- Noah

January 23rd Lesson 14:
Torah- Abraham & Sarah

January 30th Lesson 15:
Torah- Rebekah

February 6th Lesson 16:
G’milut Chasdim- Welcoming Guests

February 13th Lesson 17:
G’milut Chasdim- Helping our Synagogue Community

February 27th Lesson 18:
G’milut Chasdim- Taking Care of our Earth

March 6th Lesson 19:
Torah- Jacob & Esau

March 13th Lesson 20:
Torah- Joseph & Genesis Roadmap

March 20th Lesson 21:
Avodah- Purim

March 27th Lesson 22:
G’milut Chasadim- Tzedakah

April 3rd Lesson 23:
Avodah- Pesach

May 1st Lesson 24:
Avodah- Shecheyanu

May 8th Lesson 25:
G’milut Chasdim- Hero

May 22nd Lesson 26:

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