Sunday, August 22, 2010


Shalom First Grade Parents and Students,

I am super excited about this upcoming year of Religious School! I am a new member of the Temple. I previously taught Hebrew School in Montgomery, Alabama. I have 2 children, both are participating in Sunday school this year. My youngest daughter, Hannah, is 4 and my son, Oliver, is 12. It is my pleasure to be teaching your children this year. I am committed to providing the best religious school experience possible.

First grade is an important year for Sunday school. We will explore Jewish holidays, study important religious figures in Genesis and find out what it means to be a mensch. Your children will be proud to share all of the new things they learn and create. Our Tikkun Olam project this year will be adopting a Grandfriend. Your children will have the opportunity to friend a member of the senior community. They will write letters, make pictures and provide a child’s influence on a senior’s life.

I look forward to working and learning with all of you. I have created a web site that will store all of the exciting things we are learning, schedules of upcoming lessons, reference material and photographs. You can access it at
Thank you for your participation and support in making this year a positive learning
experience for your children.

Melissa Jones

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